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How to order plants

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Using the on-line store

By e-mail

Filling in the form

  1. List the plants you require by writing the 3-digit code and number, e.g. ABC-9, and then the name. Letters and numbers after a plant name identify a wild collection.

  2. If there are several varieties of one species, and you do not mind which of these varieties you get, just list the name of the species.

  3. Provide a list of substitutes if you wish.

  4. Give any specific instructions for delivery. Note any periods when you do not want to receive them and say how they can be delivered if you are not at home.

  5. Indicate how you will be paying. Please note that there is a minimum order value of £30 for plants, excluding delivery.

If you want to make a secure on-line payment, you should use our on-line store, described above. Otherwise post, phone or fax a credit/debit card authorisation. Please do not email card information. You may post a cheque if you prefer. Please write 'Not to exceed' on your blank cheque.

By mail or fax

.... or if you really hate modern technology!

You can receive a copy of the catalogue, including a real order form on a piece of paper (or, more likely, you can request one for a friend). Send three first-class stamps and the name and address to which the catalogue should be sent. See contact us for our address.

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