Welcome to the Kevock Garden Bulbs store

Welcome to our catalogue of bulbs and plants for delivery in spring 2017. Most of them flower in the summer, but there are some that will flower at other times of the year. The catalogue has lots of interesting and unusual bulbs and other plants, including quite a lot that we have never offered before.

(If you are looking for our main plant catalogue, click here. Please note that this store with bulbs (and a few other plants) is completely separate from our plant store; you cannot mix items from both in a single order.)

The number of bulbs in a pack is given after the hyphen in the code. So NBC-10D shows that you get 10 bulbs for the price.


After you check out (and pay) we will send an email acknowledging your order, but the bulbs will not be delivered until late March or early April. If any that you have ordered are not available, we will either send a refund, give you a gift token to use in our plant or bulb store, or provide substitutes (our choice). You can choose which of these options you would prefer during the checkout process.

We hope you will enjoy these plants and bulbs. Orders must be placed by March 12th, but the earlier you order the greater the likelihood that what you request will be available.

To start shopping click on "All bulbs" in the Categories panel on the left, but first you might like to look at our short guide to using this store. Loading "All bulbs" can take a few seconds, depending on your broadband speed. There is a minimum order of £30. We have a smaller delivery charge (which covers both postage and packing) for bulbs than for plants, for all our customers. Select the option that says 'BULB STORE ONLY' when you check out. You will be able to pay by credit card, or by using a PayPal account.

To return to this store home page click on the logo picture at the top of the page you are on at any time.

To change the appearance of the store you can switch between this style and one with a white background using the 'Store theme' box at the very bottom of this page.


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